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Jacob Seidman

Jacob Seidman wrote and produced "Fall to Fame" which premiered in April 2021 on the LGBTQIA+ streaming service Dekkoo. Jacob and “Fall to Fame" were first recognized at the Micheaux Film Festival in LA, where he was awarded best dramatic actor.

Jacob recently played The Scale, a menacing lead character in “Roach", a film which premiered at Cannes International Film Market, and is currently streaming in South America.


He can also be seen in season 2, and the upcoming 3rd season of the indie series "Bothered", streaming on Apple TV.

Jacob co created and produced a 22 episode new media series "Searching for Josh Brolin", with co star Julie Phillips (Young and the Restless). Featuring Chelsea Alden (13 Reasons Why, Shameless), Natasha Benham (American Pie Girls Rule), and Julia Montgomery (Revenge of the Nerds).

"Searching for Josh Brolin" will be coming to Seeka TV on Apple TV in February 2022. 

Please visit Jacob’s social media to find out more about his career, and to keep up with ongoing projects, roles, and releases. 


Please contact Chelsea Makela to reach him for any business related opportunities.

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Original Projects

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"Searching for Josh Brolin"

Two friends, on a mission...with wine!
A fully quarantine filmed, comedic web series.
Coming to Seeka TV & Apple TV
February 2022!

Coming Soon!

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